28 January is Data Privacy Day – Some Advice Beyond Strong Passwords

Advice from Sera-Brynn EVP, Heather Engel:

  1. Be cautious when using public or unsecured Wi-Fi. It’s easy to hijack an unsecure session, and hard for you to tell if the network you just connected to is legitimate and safe. Just assume someone is looking over your shoulder if you’re going to use a public network, and act accordingly.
  2. Don’t trade your info for a pastry. Retailers want to collect data so they can personalize your experience, and it often comes with the promise of free coupons, or free stuff on your birthday. The catch is that information is often sold and re-sold by data brokers. Example: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-data-brokers-selling-your-personal-information/
  3. Talk to your kids about staying safe online. There are lots of great resources, and many schools and communities now offer workshops and classes for kids and parents. Parents are often shocked to see what their kids have been doing. A good resource to help you educate your children is ISC2: https://www.isc2cares.org/internet-security-for-kids-parents/
  4. Take personal responsibility. It’s your responsibility to check your bank accounts and card statements – do it at least once a week if not daily. Think before you post. Once information is online, it’s impossible to get it back.