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Sera-Brynn – A certified cyber audit and assessment firm.

Our Story

Sera-Brynn was founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community. Since then, we have grown into the highest-ranked, pure-play cybersecurity compliance and advisory firm in the world.

We are a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor and FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) specializing in cyber risk management and compliance. Offering compliance and risk assessments, risk control, and incident response services, Sera-Brynn empowers clients to manage cyber risk while meeting cybersecurity standards.

Sera-Brynn is the only cybersecurity firm in North America directly partnered with a multi-billion-dollar financial institution. This provides us unique insight and experience with the compliance needs of the financial services industry.


Sera-Brynn is one of a few companies globally to be both an ISO/IEC 17020:2012 FedRAMP-certified assessor and PCI Qualified Security Assessor. Why is this important?  Because achieving compliance with industry and government cybersecurity frameworks will mitigate risk.  Our certifications enable us to support a single organization’s multiple compliance efforts, often at the same time, reducing risk more efficiently.

Some examples of our certifications:

Independently Verified

In 2018, Black Book Research, LLC released its independent research rankings of leading cyber compliance and risk management firms and named Sera-Brynn in the top 5 of their global list.

Additionally, through Dun and Bradstreet’s independent commercial marketplace survey, we achieved a client satisfaction at 97%, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Our Clients

Sera-Brynn’s industry-leading cybersecurity compliance and advisory services are provided to many of the world’s most-admired and recognized brands. These include:

  • well-known global technology firms
  • disruptive and leading-edge aerospace and space companies
  • medical device manufacturers
  • large transportation businesses
  • respected international manufacturers
  • transnational financial services entities
  • venerated institutions of higher education

Our compliance analysts and security engineers work across more than a dozen industry sectors with one purpose: to help organizations navigate the complex cybersecurity regulatory landscape and deliver measurable, lasting cybersecurity risk and compliance results.

Personal Service

All of our clients enjoy a one-on-one relationship with our compliance analysts and security engineers. Unlike traditional auditors, Sera-Brynn works directly with clients to meet cybersecurity compliance criteria in the most efficient and economical means possible. Clients enjoy the benefits of a direct, long-term relationship with an industry auditor as they navigate the increasingly-complex cybersecurity regulatory environment.

Our Incident Response and Forensics services include liaison support with our clients’ insurance representatives, legal counsel, crisis management representatives, and law enforcement (if needed) to ensure the most advantageous recovery following a data breach.

Why Suffolk, Virginia?

Our Coastal Virginia location allows us access to military-connected cyber talent, high quality-of-life, and easy access to Washington, D.C. Our locations helps us provide exemplary services on a very competitive basis.

spookyWhat Does Sera-Brynn Mean?

We get this question all the time!

Sera – Taken from the Sera Monastery in Tibet which is one of the three great monasteries of the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Brynn – English spelling of the Welsh word “bryn” meaning “hill” or “mound.” Historically, only the strongest get to claim a bryn as their own.

This unique combination reflects two important values in cybersecurity: the relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence within one’s discipline, and strength through preparedness and resilience.