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Sera-Brynn – Certified Cyber Risk Management

NOTE: Rather than write a bunch of paragraphs about how great we are** and the hundreds and hundreds of clients in dozens of different industries that we’ve helped to mitigate their cyber risk and/or meet their cybersecurity compliance requirements, we thought showing our nine-year evolution from cybersecurity compliance assessor to CHECKLIGHT™ was better done through a chronological montage. Here goes:

2011 Sera-Brynn® is founded by former members of the National Intelligence and Military Information Security communities.

2012 First company in Southeastern Virginia to receive accreditation as a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

2013 Finalized partnership with TowneBank (NASDAQ: TOWN). Sera-Brynn® becomes a regional leader in cyber Incident Response and Forensics.

2014 Began working directly with the insurance industry to identify and mitigate cyber risk, specifically Captive Insurance providers and Risk Retention Groups (RRGs). Expanded client base to include international markets, specifically Europe and Asia.

2015 Sera-Brynn® is one of the first cybersecurity advisory firms in the country to begin actively providing DFARs 252.204-7012 support to members of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), more than two years ahead of the 2017 deadline.

2016 We are awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 with the following Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN Codes: Penetration Testing (132-45A), Incident Response (132-45B), and Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (132-45D). Sera-Brynn® becomes the cybersecurity assessor for top-tier national universities within the United States.

2017 Sera-Brynn® received certification as a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). We are now one of only ten companies in the world that hold both designations, PCI QSA and FedRAMP 3PAO.

2018 Mandatory “Continuous Monitoring” requirement among Sera-Brynn®’s clientele necessitates development of a SIEM-type capability in-house. **Dun and Bradstreet’s independent commercial marketplace survey earns Sera-Brynn® a client satisfaction rate of 97%, one of the highest in the industry.

2019 Partnerships with insurance industry partners, defense industrial base clientele, and financial services affiliates leads to development of a machine language-based next-generation automated breach notification capability backed with a significant warranty with unlimited scalability and able to meet specific market price-points: CHECKLIGHT™! (We call it CHECKLIGHT™ because it is ostensibly a “Check Engine Light” for your computer network.)

2020 April 1st: CHECKLIGHT™ goes live! Click here to learn more about CHECKLIGHT™. Fall 2020: CHECKLIGHT™ monitors over 500,000 endpoints (planned).

spookyWhat Does Sera-Brynn Mean?

We get this question all the time!

Sera – Taken from the Sera Monastery in Tibet which is one of the three great monasteries of the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Brynn – English spelling of the Welsh word “bryn” meaning “hill” or “mound.” Historically, only the strongest get to claim a bryn as their own.

This unique combination reflects two important values in cybersecurity: the relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence within one’s discipline, and strength through preparedness and resilience.