Technical and Advisory Services

Sera-Brynn’s technical and advisory services include:

Supply Chain Cybersecurity Management Statistically, an organization’s greatest cybersecurity vulnerability is located within its supply chain. Certified third-party assessors are being utilized by numerous sectors to transfer not only the operational expense, but also the risk of supply chain management. Sera-Brynn’s oversight and caretaking of the most vulnerable links in your supply chain ensure best practices and, more importantly, mandatory regulatory requirements are met in the most efficient, and cost-effective, manner possible.

Cyber Risk Assessment Businesses must be prepared to respond to an inevitable risk: a data breach is going to happen at some point. Accordingly, the ability to recover and restore operations as quickly as possible to ensure assets and reputation are protected is critical.

A Cyber Risk Assessment directly addresses this challenge. It goes beyond Penetration Testing by evaluating how effective security measures are currently employed. If there are any gaps, they’ll be documented along with their associated risks to the business and, most importantly, options for mitigating them.

Cyber AuditsAudits are a systematic assessment and validation of how a set of security controls are implemented.  All audits are performed by a certified auditor and the process adhere to the highest industry standards for auditors.

Penetration TestingHow do you know if the defensive security measures you’ve taken are accomplishing what you need them to? Are there gaps and vulnerabilities that an attacker can take advantage of? If an attacker was able to access sensitive data on your network – what would the impact be? Lawsuits? Loss of intellectual capital? The best way to answer questions like these is a comprehensive penetration test.

Sera-Brynn performs customized Penetration Testing of the digital and physical environment.  This include testing of External Networks, Internal Networks,  Web Applications, Wireless Network, Stolen Laptops and Devices, and Social Engineering.

Threat Hunting – Is all the money, time and effort you’re putting into cybersecurity effective? Despite all the layers of security and training you might have in place, is your data being siphoned anyway? What can you do to make sure?

Regularly performing Threat Hunting exercises will answer these questions. Our threat hunters are detectives. They combine the skills required for penetration testing, forensics, auditing, programming, and big data analysis and focus on finding ongoing attacks that have gotten past the boxes and software.

Vulnerability Assessments  – Most cybersecurity programs include periodic vulnerability assessments. Sera-Brynn’s assessments are robust in nature.  They include internal and external vulnerability scans with client-provided credentials to assess overall security posture.  Data is collected using proprietary scanning equipment and customized scripts.  A full report will include remediation recommendations and a comprehensive debrief by a Sera-Brynn security engineer.

Cyber Incident Response  – Our Incident Response company is equipped with a team that is both experienced and credentialed. Prior to establishing Sera-Brynn, our team of certified incident handlers were responsible for providing incident response plans and information security operations support to the DoD and national intelligence enterprises such as DIA and NSA.

Cybersecurity Consulting For businesses and organizations that just need occasional or project-specific information security and compliance help, partnering with a third-party certified cyber security firm like Sera-Brynn is the most cost-effective option. This includes Fractional CISO support and post-audit remediation verification against industry best practices and/or regulatory requirements.

Why bring on a third-party cybersecurity advisor?

Investments in cybersecurity are at an all-time high, and continue to grow. Yet cyberattacks are still on the rise, both in number and sophistication. Technology innovation can vastly accelerate performance, but opens new doors for cyber criminals. Sera-Brynn’s deep technical expertise (gained from years of designing and defending the most complex network infrastructures in the world) can help you lead, navigate, and disrupt in a complex cyber landscape.