Cyber Incident Response

We Have Certified Incident Handlers Ready To Help

Incident Response is at the very core of Sera-Brynn. It’s actually how this firm was started. Prior to establishing Sera-Brynn, our team of certified incident handlers were responsible for providing incident response plans and information security operations support to the DoD and national intelligence enterprises such as DIA and NSA.

We bring specialized cyber skills, extensive knowledge of incident response procedures, and forensic solutions to get your business back online quickly, safely and securely. Through our network of partners, Sera-Brynn offers a single source for legal assistance, crisis communications, cyber insurance, and IT service providers to protect your business in the event of a breach.

How The Incident Response Plan Works

Identify the severity and impact to the business and determine follow-on actions and establish timelines.

We will ensure the situation is contained and prevent it from spreading by implementing our incident response plan.

Business Continuity
Ensure business operations are able to resume as quickly as possible.

Your Lawyer
If you have retained legal representation, we will work closely with them at all times to ensure confidentiality and communications remain appropriate.

Forensic Archive
Collect and safeguard information from compromised computers. Evidence disks and printouts will be created and stored with chain of custody documentation.

We will establish an incident management team and assist with messaging with clients and media.

Law Enforcement
We are able to act as liaison to Industry-specific or applicable Government oversight agency / organization as necessary. We know them well.

Clean Up
We’ll perform eradication, clean up, and recovery of compromised computers and document all activity.

Upon completion, we will debrief you with recommended process improvements to prevent and deter similar incidents from happening again.

Credentialed Incident Response Company

Our Incident Response company is equipped with a team that is both experienced and credentialed. Below are some examples of the certifications our company and team maintains: