How Much Is Your Data Worth?

Incident Response

When you suspect a data breach, statistics don’t matter. You need help, and quickly.


We Have Certified Incident Handlers Ready to Help

Sera-Brynn’s certified incident handlers will contain the breach and get your business back online without compromising the evidence.

Our forensic investigators help you find the cause and address the weakness so it doesn’t happen again. We also preserve the evidence as required for DFARS, GDPR, and PCI.

Make One Call for Access to Our Network

Through our network of partners, Sera-Brynn is your single source for legal assistance, crisis communications, cyber insurance, and IT service providers to protect your business in the event of a breach.

Interested in long-term strategic planning and business continuity? Our FCISO clients have priority access to our incident response and forensic teams.

Call or contact us to learn more about cyber incident response, strategic risk planning, or FCISO.