Cyber Risk Assessment

What’s a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Businesses must be prepared to respond to an inevitable risk: a data breach is going to happen at some point. Accordingly, the ability to recover and restore operations as quickly as possible in order to ensure its assets and reputation are protected is critical.

A Cyber Risk Assessment directly addresses this challenge. It goes beyond Penetration Testing by evaluating how effective all the security measures currently employed within your business are. If there are any gaps, they’ll be documented along with their associated risks to the business as well as options for mitigating them.

Benefits of a Cyber Risk Assessment

Our Cyber Risk Assessment is designed to answer the three questions every business leader has regarding cyber security:

  • What are our vulnerabilities and risks – and how do we mitigate them?
  • We have to meet industry and/or government security compliance standards – how do we get there cost-effectively?
  • Where do we start after all the vulnerabilities are identified? How do we prioritize them?