Cybersecurity Consulting

For businesses and organizations that just need occasional or project-specific information security and compliance help, partnering with a third-party cyber security firm like Sera-Brynn is the most cost effective option.

Why Use An Outside Security Firm?
A question we’re often asked is why would a business bring in an outside Cyber Security firm for help? Why not just hire security staff?

The three most common reasons are:

An Unbiased Perspective
Our security engineers have no political gain to achieve within a client’s business. Accordingly, there are no conflicts of interest to be wary of when it comes to providing recommendations and solutions. We are completely technology and process agnostic.

Skills And Experience
If the skill level and experience simply does not exist within the client’s business environment, it’s much more cost effective for them to bring us in on an ‘as needed’ basis. Our security engineers have complete and immediate reach-back to all of Sera-Brynn. This provides multiple technical capabilities, certifications and experiences to bear for single engagements.

Full Time Resources Can Be Hard To Find
It has become more difficult than ever to find security professionals with the experience and education needed to combat today’s cyber threats. It’s even harder to find security professionals that are up to date and knowledgeable on specific compliance frameworks such as PCI, NIST, FISMA, HIPAA and others. Sera-Brynn is able to address these issues immediately.