Cyber Audits

Convenient, affordable, and trusted continuous audit service to protect your business, lower your insurance costs, and help meet growing cyber security compliance requirements.

Regular Audits to Protect Your Network

Monthly internal vulnerability audits to continuously identify and neutralize vulnerabilities in your networks and meet significant requirements of your cyber security compliance criteria.

Key features of Sera-Brynn Cyber Audits:

Proven: Sera-Brynn employs technology utilized by the National Security and Military Intelligence community to find vulnerabilities within their systems.

Mitigate the threat of Ransomware: The biggest threat to mid-sized businesses right now is ransomware infecting networks through unpatched systems. Sera-Brynn® Cyber Audits will identify which computers need to be updated.

Cost Effective: We perform about 25% of the tasks typically assigned to an information security officer…at 1/5th the cost.

Peace-of Mind: Sera-Brynn® Cyber Audits will provide monthly executive-level audit reports to ensure contracted or in-house IT staff are maintaining systems as required.

Faster Data Breach Response Time: Knowing your network dramatically decreases the time to engage forensic triage and limit damage in the event of a data breach.

Supports Compliance Requirements:

  • Sera-Brynn Cyber Audits satisfy all federal and industry compliance requirements for a “vulnerability management program”
  • Sera-Brynn Cyber Audits can detect rogue wireless access points
  • Sera-Brynn Cyber Audits can be used to perform internal Penetration Tests, which are also an annual compliance criterion for most industries

Supports the Insurance Industry: Sera-Brynn Cyber Audits are utilized by the insurance industry to establish baseline security of computer networks.

Sera-Brynn is Top 10 Global Cybersecurity Firm and among one of the highest ranked Cyber Risk Management companies in the world.

Stay ahead of the threat. Partner with the best.