Supply Chain Cybersecurity Management

Cyber-crime costs businesses $600 billion annually. Up to 80% of breaches are a result of supply chain issues. You do the math.

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

You’ve invested significant money, time, and effort into protecting your network. You understand the risks of losing your data or having your network go down. How confident are you that all the companies you do business with have made those same investments?

Understanding and managing the risk is critical to any security program. Managing the Supply Chain Cyber Risk helps counter any threats stemming from your supply chain.

Interconnected World

Today’s business environment requires a company to have a multitude of associations, partnerships, collaborations and contracts in order to compete. Moreover, manufacturers and integrators rely exclusively on their supply chain partners in order to produce their end product, whether it be a microchip, a radio, or an aircraft. All of these relationships entail some form of data sharing and there must be some form of trust to accomplish the task. These relationships come with a risk and at the end of the day a business must make a decision about who to trust and with whom to share.

What happens if a company in your supply chain poses a significant risk, do you stop doing business with them? Are you willing to disrupt your supply chain?

Sera-Brynn’s Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Sera-Brynn will work with each company in your supply chain to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their cybersecurity program. Additionally, in coordination with the company, Sera-Brynn will develop a roadmap designed to strengthen their cybersecurity posture based on industry or federal best practices. From there-on, Sera-Brynn will remain in regular contact with the company to ensure the cybersecurity program stays on track. Also, we will help the company meet mandated compliance requirements, if applicable.

Improve Security of the Supply Chain

Identify and understand threats, weaknesses, potential blind spots, and risk

Report and Improve

Specific recommendations delivered in writing and directly tied to risk provide actionable intelligence and steps to improve overall security posture, remove blind spots, and close existing gaps

Ensure compliance

Federal and state regulations regarding cybersecurity are becoming more and more common. If a company does not comply, that could cause significant difficulties

Continued security

Entropy is a law of nature. Without continued attention, cybersecurity programs tend to wane. Sera-Brynn will monitor and work with the companies so that their data and your data continue to be protected.