Vulnerability Assessments

Sera-Brynn performs Vulnerability Assessments of small to enterprise-level networks.

The Vulnerability Assessment typically includes internal and external vulnerability scans, as well as a review of network architecture to assess overall security posture.  

Internal Vulnerability Scan Assessments are used to find weaknesses and possibly compromised systems or software within an organizations network infrastructure.  Considering the majority of data breaches are executed with dormant malicious software (malware) that is resident on victims’ networks for months or even years, Internal Vulnerability Scan Assessments are the most efficient and effective method to identify and remediate current vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure.  This effort entails scanning for thousands of vulnerabilities currently exploited by bad actors. Unlike standalone “automated scripts” that miss most extant vulnerabilities, a Sera-Brynn security engineer personally oversees the internal scan and adjusts the focus as needed based on findings and network configuration.

External Vulnerability Scan Assessments are used by certified cybersecurity auditors as the most efficient protocol to test and identify vulnerabilities to outside attacks through public-facing connectivity and network weaknesses. External scans are performed remotely and can may be conducted during non-working hours to limit impact on network systems.

Sera-Brynn’s review of network architecture and overall security posture includes evaluation of firewall rule sets, wireless network configurations, and analysis of overall server and client system configurations.

If desired, Sera-Brynn can also review existing cybersecurity policies and procedures and include recommendations in the Vulnerability Risk Report detailing additional documentation recommended.

At the conclusion of the data collection and analysis, Sera-Brynn will summarize vulnerabilities and provide a plan of action to suggest methods to mitigate or eliminate technical vulnerabilities in a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Report. 

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