Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses – Part 2 of 3

All businesses, of all sizes, are vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches. Even the smallest family owned company on Main Street, USA. Heather Engel, EVP of Sera-Brynn, recently hosted a roundtable discussion with local business professionals at the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce to discuss the basics of how to mitigate cyber risk by identifying… Read more »

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses – Part 1 of 3

Large businesses. Medium businesses. Small businesses. Business is business. Every company, large or small needs to be aware of the threat of cyber attacks and the steps to take in the event that it becomes the target of one. Heather Engel, EVP of Sera-Brynn, recently hosted a roundtable discussion with local business professionals at the… Read more »

Inside Business Features Sera-Brynn and Cybersecurity Tips

For businesses big and small, old and new, assets are the foundation of the company, and frankly, what makes it valuable. So, what would you do without them? In a recent article in Inside Business, “Each business must brace for a data breach,” Sera-Brynn executives were consulted and quoted, weighing in on the significance of… Read more »

Sera-Brynn Featured in the Daily Press, Speaking On Healthcare and Cybersecurity

With the 80 million-person Anthem data breach still fresh in the minds of Americans, security remains an issue of primary concern, especially when it comes to healthcare. In a recent Daily Press article, “Sentara links heath records to Department of Defense,” Sera-Brynn discusses the benefits and concerns around systems sharing. “We’re an interconnected society. We… Read more »

Sera-Brynn To Celebrate Small Businesses This Month At Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Training Event

Businesses of all sizes are susceptible to data breaches and should prepare now. Point blank. Every organization, in every industry, at every size, is vulnerable to a data breach. Our team at Sera-Brynn is pleased to announce that this month, in honor of Small Business Month, we will present tips for the more than 14,000… Read more »

Sera-Brynn Executive To Compare Hacking to Organized Crime at National Conference

Heather Engel named a featured speaker at USA Risk Group conference in May. Sera-Brynn Executive Vice-President Heather Engel will carry the message that cyber hackers are the modern-day organized crime next month during her presentation as a featured speaker at a national risk management conference. Engel will be speaking at the USA Risk Group’s 10th… Read more »

Sera-Brynn Maintains Rank Among Top Global Cybersecurity Firms in the World

Sera-Brynn holds their ranking as 16th of the top “500 Hot Cybersecurity Firms to Watch” for the second quarter of 2015, Cybersecurity Ventures announced this week. Sera-Brynn is hot. The Suffolk, Va.-based cybersecurity firm secured its spot for the second consecutive time on Cybersecurity Ventures’ global list of the top “500 Hot Cybersecurity Companies to… Read more »

Make Employees Assets Against Cyber Attacks

Implementing security awareness training a necessity in today’s business world A company’s best assets — its employees — can be its weakest links when it comes to cybersecurity. Having employees trained in and understanding cybersecurity goes way beyond having strong passwords that are changed periodically. It’s a mindset that starts with having cybersecurity being paramount… Read more »

Calling All Tweeters. Protect Yourself.

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is fun for users. It’s social. Interactive. Allows you to catch up on the world news and the location of your favorite food truck. But, yes, amid the seemingly neverending stream of Tweets does lurk cyber hacks who are watching. Waiting. Poking and looking for a way in. We… Read more »

Protect Your Professional Profiles On LinkedIn

Now, we don’t want this to come as a shock, but not everybody is who they say they are on the Internet, even on the widely popular social networking website, LinkedIn. Like other social networking sites, people use the site to connect to others. LinkedIn boasts access to a vast network of professionals — as… Read more »