Sera-Brynn Named Among Top Global Cybersecurity Firms

Pay attention to Sera-Brynn. The 4-year-old Suffolk, Va.-based cybersecurity firm earned a spot this week on Cybersecurity Ventures’ inaugural list detailing the top “500 Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2015.” Sera-Brynn was the only company from the Commonwealth to break the top 30, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, the Menlo Park, Ca.-based research and market… Read more »

It’s OK to Lie!

Identity theft prevention tip from Sera-Brynn’s CIO, Darek Dabbs: Identity theft is always a major concern. One way to protect yourself from being hacked via identity theft is lying. Yes – Lying. How many websites ask you for personally identifiable information such as your mother’s maiden name, elementary schools or perhaps even the road you… Read more »

Zero-Day Adobe Vulnerability

You may have read last week about the zero-day Adobe vulnerability. Sera-Brynn identified this morning that this specific vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild via underground exploit kits. Sera-Brynn recommends that Flash be temporarily disabled in all browsers until Adobe puts a successful patch in place. Find more information on the exploit in… Read more »

Future Cyber Security Army Needs More Than Just Programmers

Future Cyber Security Army Needs More Than Just Programmers Sera-Brynn discusses Cyber Security issues with Vice President Biden and Secretary of Energy Moniz. SUFFOLK, VA – (January 15, 2014) Think the future of cyber security relies solely on computer programmers? Wrong. Securing financial information, personal data and proprietary plans along government, corporate and personal networks… Read more »

The Future of Cyber Security – Sera-Brynn EVP Perspective

By Heather Engel, Executive Vice President, Sera-Brynn This week, Sera-Brynn was invited to participate in a round table discussion with Vice President Joe Biden and the Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. The focus of this discussion was cyber security training, and followed the announcement of a $25 million dollar grant to support cyber security education…. Read more »

Sera-Brynn EVP Heather Engel Discusses her Role on Vice President Biden’s Cybersecurity Panel

Heather Engel was invited to be part of a cyber security panel discussion with Vice President Biden on January 16, 2015 at Norfolk State University. Heather then then shared more about the discussion which was closed to the press. She also provided business owners and consumers some great tips for what to do on their… Read more »

Holiday Data Breaches Could Get Ugly for Retailers – Inteview With Sera-Brynn’s COO John Kipp

From: CIO Today Hold onto your credit cards — cybercriminals are eager to hack them, and this holiday shopping season, there is a good chance they will be successful. Despite the massive and high-profile data Relevant Products/Services breach at Target last year, in which thieves stole credit card or personal information for up to 110… Read more »

Massive Breach: It’s time to change your password. WVEC 13 News Inteview With Sera-Brynn’s CIO Darek Dabbs

From: WVEC 13 News Now OK, now it’s really time to change your password. With news that as many as 1.2 billion user names and password combinations had been stolen, security experts are urging consumers to be more vigilant online. A Russian cybergang injected malicious code into at least 420,000 websites to gather the data…. Read more »

Data Breaches – Virginia’s PilotOnline Interview with Sera-Brynn EVP Heather Engel

From: PilotOnline Teeth and personal data are alike: When they’re breached, it’s painful By Roger Chesley The Virginian-Pilot © August 19, 2014 Is it safe? Film aficionados know the line is from “Marathon Man,” and it’s among the American Film Institute’s 100 top movie quotes of all time. The 1976 thriller leaves you horrified at… Read more »