Massive Breach: It’s time to change your password. WVEC 13 News Inteview With Sera-Brynn’s CIO Darek Dabbs

From: WVEC 13 News Now OK, now it’s really time to change your password. With news that as many as 1.2 billion user names and password combinations had been stolen, security experts are urging consumers to be more vigilant online. A Russian cybergang injected malicious code into at least 420,000 websites to gather the data…. Read more »

Data Breaches – Virginia’s PilotOnline Interview with Sera-Brynn EVP Heather Engel

From: PilotOnline Teeth and personal data are alike: When they’re breached, it’s painful By Roger Chesley The Virginian-Pilot © August 19, 2014 Is it safe? Film aficionados know the line is from “Marathon Man,” and it’s among the American Film Institute’s 100 top movie quotes of all time. The 1976 thriller leaves you horrified at… Read more »