Calling All Tweeters. Protect Yourself.

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is fun for users. It’s social. Interactive. Allows you to catch up on the world news and the location of your favorite food truck.

But, yes, amid the seemingly neverending stream of Tweets does lurk cyber hacks who are watching. Waiting. Poking and looking for a way in.

We don’t want you to get off of Twitter – we have our own account there, too. But we do encourage everyone, whether using it for business or personal socializing, to heed these Tweeting habits:

Images on Twitter

When images are posted on Twitter, often times they contain metadata. In simple terms, metadata describes and gives information about other data. Metadata for a photo, for example, describes in words what the photo depicts. Or where it was taken. And when.

Although some social networking sites will strip an image of metadata during the upload process, Twitter does not.

When you Tweet pics, cyber thieves can likely see the location the image was captured (accurate to within a few feet), the date and time the picture was taken, and the model and serial number of the camera that was used, among other things.

Twitter User Identities

Twitter doesn’t vet their users. Although, by Twitter standards, users are required to use real information when they register for an account. The extent of Twitter’s verification of your account is making sure that someone at the email address associated with the account has verified the email address.

For your profile, be sure to use login verification to prevent somebody from attempting to compromise your Twitter profile.

Protect my Tweets

By default, each of your Tweets become available to every single Twitter user, and because Twitter content is available through search engines, internet users are able to access them whether they’re a Twitter user or not.

Limit who sees your Tweets by changing the default setting to “Protect my Tweets.”

By “protecting” your Tweets, people will have to request to follow your Twitter handle before they can view your Tweets. You will be required to approve every follower before they have access.

Of note, this setting doesn’t let other users retweet your Tweets.

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