Carver Compliance Application

Cybersecurity Compliance is Hard.
Sera-Brynn® makes it Easy.
With Carver.

What is Carver?

Carver is a Cybersecurity Compliance Application created by a top ranked global cybersecurity audit and advisory firm (us!) to make the Cybersecurity Compliance process 10x faster and easier.

And – it’s backed by Blockchain technology.

Below is a quick 3 minute video showing how it works:

Who uses Carver?

  • Higher Education institutions use it as a significant time saver to meet compliance requirements and, if applicable, to continue receiving research dollars.
  • Government contractors use it as a fast, detailed and cost-effective way to demonstrate compliance with NIST 800-171 in order to maintain work eligibility.
  • Financial institutions use it to save hundreds of hours per framework when demonstrating compliance with regulators. Dealing with regulators is their #1 concern…Carver takes care of that.
  • Manufacturers and Healthcare organizations use it to distribute compliance reporting responsibilities along their entire supply chain in order to maintain contract integrity and meet applicable mandates. Their supply chain appreciates the simplicity of the process.
  • Pretty much any business or organization that has to meet a specific cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Why Carver is so awesome:

  • It’s not expensive. Our clients think it’s the best value in the market. So do we!
  • Carver is Secure by Design with a bullet-proof auditing backbone. The software itself is FedRAMP compliant and hosted in Microsoft Azure, a FedRAMP Moderate Baseline Authorized CSP. All access requires multifactor authentication.
  • Bullet-proof auditing backbone: all transactions within Carver are recorded via blockchain technology. Regulators may question excel spreadsheets and working documents…they can’t question blockchain. You’ll be amazed how much time this saves.
  • It was built by certified cybersecurity auditors (Sera-Brynn® is one of only four pure-play multi-certified cybersecurity audit and advisory firms in the world), and every compliance question has our recommended “best practices” to help answer the compliance questions. This makes it extraordinarily easy.
  • Carver is a scalable Supply Chain Cyber Risk Assessment tool. It allows you to distribute specific reporting responsibilities to program directors, supply chain vendors, subcontractors, etc… to make their lives easier, too. This simplifies supply chain cybersecurity compliance management.
  • All inputs cross-map to all other compliance frameworks, so you only have to provide the input once. This is important, as most organizations must meet multiple compliance frameworks.
  • Finally, we built this application to increase our internal auditing efficiencies. Subsequently, our clients use it in place of hiring additional staff to track and report on mandatory cybersecurity compliance. This is now a cost of doing business…Carver was built to make it efficient and easy.

Our Story:

Sera-Brynn® is a veteran owned globally top 5 ranked cybersecurity audit and advisory firm.

Founded by former members of the national security and military intelligence community, we are one of the most sought-after cybersecurity consulting firms in the world. Our job is to make sure our clients meet the cybersecurity compliance frameworks they have to meet.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty labor intensive (and expensive) process.

So we created Carver.

Initially created for our internal use only, Carver was designed to be an auditing tool, built by auditors, for auditing. Then our clients asked to use it to track their (and their supply chain’s) cybersecurity compliance status. It’s easy to use, and automagically creates the necessary documentation to satisfy any regulator’s request for proof of compliance.

Carver Licensing Agreement.

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