FBI Norfolk Office and Sera-Brynn Host Virtual Symposium on Cybersecurity for the Defense Industrial Base

On March 2, 2021, Sera-Brynn and the FBI Norfolk Office is hosting a virtual symposium, “Protecting the Defense Industrial Base.”  The event is free and open to the public.   The Hampton Roads area is home to major military installations representing all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the world’s largest naval base and the home of the Atlantic Fleet. Protecting… Read more »

A note on Sera-Brynn’s response to COVID-19

All Sera-Brynn cybersecurity analysts, consultants, and team members are presently working remotely in order to promote social distancing. Nonessential business travel has been suspended. Our ability to serve our customers has not been diminished. All Sera-Brynn team members are continuing to serve our customers’ cybersecurity needs. They can be reached by phone or email regardless… Read more »

Good Communications Planning Increases Resilience

By: Loren Dealy MahlerPresident, Dealy Mahler Strategies, LLC The last two years have given us a plethora of news headlines taking companies to task for incidents that exposed or directly compromised customer data. From very large events involving millions of financial records, to smaller events involving personal health information, the hits just keep coming. As… Read more »

Cyber Tips For Students Heading Off To College

College is in full swing and thousands of students have their laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and a myriad of other electronic devices. But are they taking the proper precautions against the risks posed by the use of those devices? Whether it’s having someone walk off with an unattended device, being the victim of a… Read more »

Sera-Brynn CTO to Present at SEALI Conference

Sera-Brynn Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Darek Dabbs will present at the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute conference with Darius K. Davenport, of Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, P.L.C., Norfolk, VA. With several recent cyberattacks targeting the shipping and logistics industry, Dabbs and Davenport will discuss “Anatomy of a Cyber Breach” on June 29. “As industries in… Read more »

Equifax Breach and Compliance

Would Better Risk Management Based on DFARS/NIST 800-171 or the NY Financial Institution Rules Have Thwarted the Equifax Breach? By Colin Glover, Senior Security Analyst, Sera-Brynn, LLC. Recently, the credit rating company Equifax announced a huge breach impacting up to 143 million U.S. consumers, including their names, social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and… Read more »

Cyber threats in the age of social media

Earlier this month, Virginia Tech was targeted with an email threat, claiming they would break into the Blacksburg, Va. campus and kill people. What does that mean and how is a cyber threat like this investigated? WVEC, the ABC affiliate in Hampton Roads, Va., talked to Sera-Brynn Chief Information Officer Darek Dabbs about cybersecurity, email… Read more »

Ransomware on the rise as businesses continue to pay

According to a recent article on ZDNet, Ransomware has surpassed Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) “as the most problematic cyber threat.” Ransomware is a piece of malicious software (malware) that will encrypt files on a computer or multiple computers. This renders the files inaccessible unless a decryption key is available. Whether the victim organization is a… Read more »

If you are breached, you’re not the victim. You’re the villain.

By Rob Hegedus, Sera-Brynn CEO A disturbing trend is developing in the corporate world and unfortunately it’s only going to get worse: Breached companies are not the victims. They are the villains. High profile businesses and organizations, to include publicly traded companies, hospital networks and top non-profits, are no longer viewed as the victim following… Read more »

TeslaCrypt ransomware response advisory

During a recent incident response case, Sera-Brynn identified the command and control servers for the newest variant of the TeslaCrypt malware. We recommend adding the below information as a DENY ALL statement to all firewalls. Hash for the original dropper malware: 47a29963a3f22a1b4dcf62da23ab208a Hash for the payload file malware: 1326d09c506028ca58caac330e0a97ad TeslaCrypt infections may happen when a user visits poisoned… Read more »