Protecting Children From Identity Theft

Let’s be honest, who isn’t worried about identity theft these days? We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news of someone’s data being breached and a thieving hacker wrecking an unsuspecting person’s credit after buying everything but the kitchen sink using someone else’s information. But even more frightening is the thought of your child’s… Read more »

Economics of Cybercrime – Crime is Paying Well

By John Kipp, Sera-Brynn COO As a cybersecurity firm, our focus, and thus bulk of our time, is spent helping clients prevent cyberattacks, recover from cyberattacks and meet compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, SSAE-16 SOC II, FISMA, and so on. But what about the perpetrators? Who are these attackers and what do they gain… Read more »

Protecting Your Cell Phones From Hackers

News of cyber attacks consumes the media almost daily. Hackers are targeting businesses to obtain and sell data from personal and organizational computer databases. But what about your mobile device? The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project found that cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%. Many use them for not only… Read more »

New Survey Indicates Global Cybercrime Costs $315B a Year

A 2015 survey indicates global cybercrime costs $315 billion a year. Conducted by Grant Thornton International, the survey involved 2,500 businesses in 35 economies. On its own, $315 billion is certainly a huge number. But it helps to compare it to global losses from other threats business have to contend with in order to put… Read more »

When cyber thieves hit, Sera-Brynn brings peace of mind

Victim’s testimonial: `We felt like we were putting the right people on the job’ When an executive at an east coast-based real estate firm got a call from her banker one morning in March, terror set in when she was told the firm’s online banking accounts had been breached. To protect the firm, it’s not… Read more »

In An Online Minute 1,250 Websites Are Hacked

One minute. When thinking about what we can get accomplished in one minute in our lives, it might not equate to much. But online, things move in nanoseconds. The amount of data exchanged simultaneously online each day adds up to millions and millions of exchanges and transactions. But what about each minute? Take a look… Read more »

What’s It Worth To A Hacker?

What’s in a name? What about your medical record? To a cyber thief, a lot. Quite frankly, it’s their business. What do we mean by that? Hackers aren’t trying to get into your networks just to prove they can. It’s their job. It’s how they make a living. And it’s organized crime happening all over… Read more »

Protecting your business from cyber threats

Gloucester Court House, Va. — Small business owners can take a number of practical steps to protect themselves and their business, including customers, employees, finances and even their firm’s “secret sauce,” against the rising threat of cyber thieves. That was the message Sera-Brynn Executive Vice President Heather Engel carried to small business owners recently at… Read more »

What is the state of cyber crime in 2015?

What is the state of cyber crime, especially this year, as we’ve weathered data breaches in major corporations like Anthem and Target and seen small businesses face the aftermath of hackers, too? The 2015 US State of Cybercrime survey has recently been released and we recommend all business owners – and users of the Internet,… Read more »