Protecting Your Money and Identity Online

Sera-Brynn’s Executive Vice President Heather Engel was featured this month on an ABC 13 News Now report, highlighting how individuals can protect their money and identity online. Watch the complete news segment here, or read the transcript below. ### Lucy Bustamante: Now investigations are underway into the massive technical failures that plagued the world yesterday…. Read more »

Why Rewards Programs Aren’t Worth The Risk

The temptation is often too easy to pass up: join a company’s rewards program to get great discounts, miles, points, coupons, notifications of deals, or other benefits. Rewards programs are ubiquitous. A 2015 Colloquy census reported earlier this year that consumers in the U.S. have 3.3 billion memberships to customer loyalty or rewards programs. That’s… Read more »

California Cyber Insurance Case Could Be Alarming For Businesses

Cyber security stakes are high. A recent court case in California, in which a healthcare provider had a data breach and filed a claim with its insurance company only to have the claim denied, is underscoring the critical need for businesses to invest in cybersecurity. In an article in “The Security Ledger,” a cybersecurity news… Read more »

Make Employees Assets Against Cyber Attacks

Implementing security awareness training a necessity in today’s business world A company’s best assets — its employees — can be its weakest links when it comes to cybersecurity. Having employees trained in and understanding cybersecurity goes way beyond having strong passwords that are changed periodically. It’s a mindset that starts with having cybersecurity being paramount… Read more »

No website too small for hackers, firm says

This article featuring Sera-Brynn’s CEO and COO originally appeared on By Dave Forster The Virginian-Pilot © March 23, 2015 Rob Hegedus likens website and other malicious data hacks to cockroaches. “If you see one, there’s 20 you’re not seeing,” said Hegedus, the CEO of Suffolk-based cybersecurity firm Sera-Brynn. A recent run of website breaches… Read more »

Healthcare Related Cyber Attacks – What’s Going On?

Over the last few months, there has been a rash of successful healthcare related cyber-attacks in the news. These breaches range from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of compromised records. LifeWise Health Plan. LifeWise is notifying more than 250,000 patients who may have had their personal data compromised by a cyber-attack in late… Read more »

Zero-Day Adobe Vulnerability

You may have read last week about the zero-day Adobe vulnerability. Sera-Brynn identified this morning that this specific vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild via underground exploit kits. Sera-Brynn recommends that Flash be temporarily disabled in all browsers until Adobe puts a successful patch in place. Find more information on the exploit in… Read more »