Why does your organization need a CISO?

By Crystal Silins, Senior Security Analyst Most companies today employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO), an executive responsible for all things IT for the organization. The CIO or CTO typically reports directly to the CEO, and educates executive management and employees on the business value and risk that IT systems… Read more »

Chief Strategist Speaks on Critical Compliance Issues at NYS Cyber Security Conference

On June 5, 2018 at 3:20 PM in Albany, NY, Sera-Brynn’s CSO will discuss critical cybersecurity compliance issues in the federal and defense contracting space — from strategic risk management to supply chain impacts.   Heather Engel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sera-Brynn, will present “Strategic Planning for Cyber Risk: Protecting Data and Meeting Regulatory Requirements… Read more »

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity

By John Kipp, Sera-Brynn COO As advancements in Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence are always popular media topics, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at how the two are converging and what such a convergence might mean for cybersecurity. First things first though. Below is a quick and very basic primer on… Read more »

5 Global Cybersecurity Trends for 2017

Your chance of losing money increases every day. As the only cybersecurity firm in North America partnered with a multi-billion dollar financial services company, we have a unique insight into the specific risks businesses and organizations face across the international banking ecosystem.  The rise of sophisticated phishing and spear phishing techniques account for a majority… Read more »

Ransomware on the rise as businesses continue to pay

According to a recent article on ZDNet, Ransomware has surpassed Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) “as the most problematic cyber threat.” Ransomware is a piece of malicious software (malware) that will encrypt files on a computer or multiple computers. This renders the files inaccessible unless a decryption key is available. Whether the victim organization is a… Read more »