ICYMI: Webinar – Cybersecurity Compliance for Higher Education: 2018 and Beyond, presented by Williams Mullen & Sera-Brynn (03.06.2018)

In case you missed it, watch our latest webinar for higher education here. The complexity of operations, research and compliance mandates in higher education presents unique challenges in securing information systems. Cybersecurity compliance affects everything from the handling of student data to the use of cloud services and supply chain management. You will learn:  … Read more »

For companies that don’t have cyber insurance, the Oct. 21 DDoS attack signals it’s a whole new world of cyber threats

A massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) internet attack on Oct. 21 that caused continued outages and network congestion for more than 1,000 websites to include Twitter, Netflix, the New York Times, Amazon and others got the world’s attention. Hopefully it has yours. Especially if you’re a business owner, or involved in a risk management… Read more »

Three Upcoming Trends in the Cybersecurity Landscape

By Rob Hegedus, Sera-Brynn CEO A massive conflagration that changed the course of a great city’s history. A well-known disaster relief franchise firm. A former American president’s pet saying to a peer. These three unrelated items are all illustrative of trends we at Sera-Brynn foresee in the cybersecurity marketplace. In the business and nonprofit worlds,… Read more »

Understanding Cyber Incidents And How To Respond

The scariest thing about a cyber attack on a business is that often employees and owners have no idea they’ve been breached until an outside party (a credit card brand, Federal investigators, or even consumers) brings it to their attention. There are two types of incidents – suspected and confirmed. A suspected incident is known… Read more »