• CHECKLIGHT is a powerful and proactive endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology that detects potential threats to your network, quarantines the threat processes, and alerts you early so attacks can’t take hold, reducing the impact in the event of a breach.
  • CHECKLIGHT uses the same cybersecurity software engine used by several federal agencies; it identifies unauthorized processes associated with fraudulent phishing attacks, hacking, imposter scams, malware, ransomware, and viruses.


  • It constantly scans your network, identifying and then quarantining viruses as they appear
  • It actively learns your system, studies the new viruses it encounters, and develops unique defenses to protect your end points
  • The intuitive EDR platform can be installed and up and running on your network in 10 minutes
  • Since its creation 3 years ago, the core software has never allowed a breach to go undetected
  • Access to real-time support to help solve any identified cybersecurity issue
  • All backed by a $250,000 warranty


1. Purchase Online:  Go to to select the license bundle that best fits your needs.

2. Install Application on End Point: It only takes a few minutes to install on each device in your network.

3. Continuous Scan and Alert: If we detect any potential threats to your network or devices, we alert you immediately!

4. Guarantee: If we miss something and it causes damage, we will reimburse your actual damages up to $250,000.*

* CHECKLIGHT is backed by an A-rated national insurance carrier. Warranty in effect after initial system scan, client corrective actions, and verification. Usually 48 hours following purchase. See SLA for complete details on policy terms, conditions and exclusions.




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