DFARS 7012


Federal and DoD compliance is more than DFARS 252.204-7012. Besides the controls in NIST 800-171, you also have to handle supply chain management, understand cloud services, and report incidents. And all this is while managing a security strategy and keeping track of changes and revisions to Federal policy.

You have lots of choices if you’re looking for help, but for best results, find a partner you can trust.

Sera-Brynn analysts help define risk levels, interpret controls, and develop a strategy.  And, you can work with us on a single project, or develop a long-term relationship with our FCISO program. Why choose us? 

Thanks very much for the comprehensive review and stated approaches to each of the controls. Very, very helpful! It was a real pleasure working with you…you’re a highly competent and true professional. You made it worth every penny we spent for this service.

Great job in our planning session today – we learned a lot about our needs and our path forward. We look forward to working with you and Sera-Brynn on implementing your recommendations and protecting our company.

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