FedRAMP Compliance Services

There are a few reasons you’re here:

1. You’re a Cloud Service Provider and want a 3PAO for pre-assessment or authorization services. Contact us for a free consult.

2. You’re already on the marketplace as a FedRAMP authorized vendor but you aren’t happy with your current 3PAO. See why you should work with us.

3. You have FISMA, NIST SP 800-53, or NIST SP 800-171 questions and figure that if anyone knows, it’s a 3PAO.

Reason 1 – You need a 3PAO and we’d like it to be us

Sera-Brynn’s audit teams have hands-on, practical experience assessing complex cloud environments. Most have a background specifically in government infosec, and our process is efficient.

We don’t outsource our penetration tests, so you know the entire audit team is working together to control costs. And before you start the process, we help you understand not only the audit, but the ongoing commitment to continuous monitoring and annual assessments. We make auditing fun.** Let’s talk.

(**Not really. No one can do that.)

Reason 2 – You need a better 3PAO

Sometimes you and your auditor just don’t click. Sera-Brynn is known for our work with everyone from small to enterprise-level businesses. And, we tailor our 3PAO efforts by bringing analysts and engineers with a consulting mindset. That means we care about your experience when we audit. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Reason 3 – You have NIST questions

We’ve got a knowledge base that can help you dive in. You can learn from our FedRAMP 3PAO blogs and webinars. Still need more? Contact us for a free consult.

FedRAMP Process diagram

The FedRAMP Authorization Process

FedRAMP Pre-Assessment
Get smart, organized, and ready for your assessment with an expert advisor at your side. This is collaborative and we serve as your trusted advisor to prepare your cloud for the assessment.

FedRAMP 3PAO Readiness Assessment (RAR)
Sera-Brynn will review your operational security capabilities for this initial assessment and complete the FedRAMP RAR.

FedRAMP 3PAO Assessment
You must use a 3PAO to achieve FedRAMP authorization and to be included in the FedRAMP Marketplace.

FedRAMP 3PAO Annual Assessment
Maintain your status as a government-approved cloud service through annual, tailored assessments.

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