PCI Compliance


There are a few reasons you’re here:

1. Your business accepts credit cards or cardholder data, and you need a QSA for advisory or auditing services. Contact us for a free consult.

2. You’ve been through a DSS audit and aren’t happy with your current QSA. 

3. You have questions on segmentation, scoping, the right Self-Assessment Questionnaire, or ASV scanning and figure that if anyone knows, it’s a QSA.

Reason 1 – You need a QSA and we’d like it to be us

Sera-Brynn’s audit teams have hands-on, practical experience assessing complex environments. We understand that there’s no shortage of QSAs, so we focus on making the experience as good as it can possibly be. And, we specialize in cloud environments.  There’s no up-sell either, we don’t have a product to solve every problem.

We don’t outsource our penetration tests, so you know the entire audit team is working together to control costs. And before you start the process, we help you understand not only the audit, but the ongoing commitment to maintenance. We make auditing fun.** Let’s talk.

(**Not really. No one can do that.)

Reason 2 – You need a better QSA

Sometimes you and your auditor just don’t click. Sera-Brynn is known for our work with everyone from small to enterprise-level businesses. And, we tailor our QSA efforts by bringing analysts and engineers with a consulting mindset. That means we care about your experience when we audit. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Reason 3 – You have PCI questions

We’ve got a knowledge base that can help you dive in. You can learn from our PCI-related blogs. Still need more? Contact us for a free consult.

Why Sera-Brynn

Our approach to customer service is simple: treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. Everything else naturally falls into place when that one basic tenant is incorporated into everything we do. We don’t arbitrarily rotate QSAs in and out of engagements. We get ROCs turned around in weeks, not months. Between audits, if you need consulting from the QSA that led your assessment, you can reach out to them directly at any time.

We have the experience needed to handle organizations of any size and scope. We’ve conducted assessments for Fortune 500 businesses, state government organizations with hundreds of locations, municipalities, health systems containing numerous hospitals, large health insurance companies, as well as SMBs such as car dealer chains, medical practices, retirement homes and restaurant chains.