IN THE NEWS: Congress, Don’t Miss the Mark on Election Security

If Congress really wants to safeguard our elections, we need to follow the data. And we should seriously consider data security before it becomes a problem that we can’t figure out how to solve.

Election systems are vulnerable.

To protect democracy, we need better election voting system cybersecurity.

Safeguard the entire voting system — not just voting system hardware and infrastructure, but also the election officials, political groups, campaign consultants and vendors who have access to voting-related data.

This is the subject of a recent article in The Hill, a top U.S. political website, by Sera-Brynn’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Read the full March 6, 2018 article published on here.

The author, Heather Engel, expresses views on why voting data, including personal information on voters, is sensitive and should be safeguarded.

The United States has cybersecurity rules in place for government personnel and contractors to help prevent cyberattacks, especially from foreign adversaries.

“To secure our democracy from hostile foreign actors, shouldn’t we consider putting in place the same cybersecurity compliance standards for campaign consultants and vendors advising our candidates? They’re the ones who are buying, selling and downloading election data on millions of voters across the country.”

Heather Engel is Chief Strategy Officer for Sera-Brynn, a leading global cybersecurity audit and advisory firm. She is a Certified Information Systems Security professional and sits on the board of directors for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.