The Way to Know For Sure

Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity is not only a team sport, it has a playbook that changes by the minute.

Risk managers and CIOs know that you can’t prevent every catastrophe. But you can identify and manage the most critical threats to your business with risk management, and Sera-Brynn has lots of options for getting a handle on just how resilient you are.

A Risk Assessment will tell you where the gaps are in your security infrastructure, whether the gap is in physical security, policies, training or technology. If you’ve got regulatory compliance to deal with, the assessment helps you make decisions on what to implement and how, plus remind you why you made that decision in the first place.

Risk Management Win: Prioritize your needs, wants and requirements to spend money on what matters.

A Vulnerability Assessment focuses on scanning your environment for missing patches, mis-configured devices, and gaps in network boundaries. Doing this regularly is considered a basic best practice for managing risk.

Risk Management Win: Even if you do your own scans, getting a second opinion does everyone good. And, you’ll get Sera-Brynn expertise on which patches may have critical exploits that require a high priority fix.

Penetration Testing will show you how easy it would be for an attacker to compromise your data. But don’t waste money on a pen test until you’ve done a vulnerability assessment and fixed the problems. Learn more about penetration testing.

Risk Management Win: See what an attacker would see, and apply resources to monitor what you can’t fix. Whether internal, external, or both a pen test is the next step to security maturity.

Red Teaming is a multi-layered attack. It involves technology, people, and physical to stress-test the organization’s overall resiliency. This can be useful if you’re especially concerned about critical data or physical threats. Read more about red teaming.

Risk Management Win: If your environment or data is especially sensitive, a red team will expose weaknesses you may not have identified. Our team thinks like an adversary.

What do all these things have in common? Besides managing risk, we can do all this and more as your FCISO.

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