DFARS Information Webinar

Department of Defense (DoD) contractors faced with a looming mandatory cyber security compliance deadline can learn what they need to know about these new regulations and actionable steps in this video here, recorded during the Oct. 13 Sera-Brynn webinar.

The webinar – “DFARS 7012 Cyber Compliance — Are you prepared?” – is essential information for DoD contractors and was led by Sera-Brynn Executive Vice President Heather Engel.

Any business or organization that does business with the DoD must comply with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Clause 252.204-7012 to safeguard controlled unclassified information and report cyber incidents.

The Sera-Brynn webinar highlights the regulatory background, explaining Covered Defense Information and highlights other topics including:

—NIST SP 800-171;

—Four phases to compliance;

—Incidence monitoring and reporting a breach;

—Consequences of non-compliance;

—Actions DoD contractors need to take now.

The deadline for compliance with these new mandatory DFARS cyber security regulations is Dec. 31, 2017. It’s a process that takes six to 12 months.

Heather Engel, EVP As an Executive Vice President at Sera-Brynn, Ms. Engel provides risk management and business intelligence to clients across a wide variety of industries. She has over 15 years of experience in risk and compliance, system integration, disaster recovery, security policy, and security testing and evaluation. Ms. Engel holds numerous industry certifications including a CISSP; as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.

Gerard (Rod) Brennan, CFE, MBA, PhD Rod is a Senior Information Security Consultant for Sera-Brynn, an audit praticisoner, frequent speaker and published researcher on the topic of continuous auditing / monitoring / analytics he is the former audit director and NA Risk & Internal Control Officer for Siemens Corp. and an Adjunct Professor in Rutgers Univ. MBA program teaching “Advanced Auditing and Info Technology”.