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Sera-Brynn is the cybersecurity advisor for some of our nation’s top-ranked public research universities.

Federally-funded academic research and development is a critically-important. University research contributes to the economic competitiveness of our nation. But are today’s institutions ready to protect themselves, their infrastructure, their intellectual property and their data?

Higher education institutions often store, handle, and process overlapping data types, including:

  • personally identifiable information (PII),
  • financial records,
  • protected health information (PHI),
  • controlled unclassified information (CUI),
  • classified information,
  • export-controlled data,
  • covered defense information (CDI), and more.

Different data types trigger different government-mandated cybersecurity requirements.

At Sera-Brynn, we help implement, assess, and/or validate cybersecurity compliance mandates. Most importantly, we do this while making sure security doesn’t negatively affect the research mission. We provide third party vendor management and help with interpreting and applying government regulations to the appropriate risk level. Lastly, we make sure that your security design is scalable to be responsive to emerging requirements.

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Cybersecurity Compliance for Higher Education: 2018 and Beyond, presented by Williams Mullen & Sera-Brynn (03.06.2018)

News Brief:

On March 23, 2018, DOJ charged nine Iranians in a scheme to hack and steal university and other data on behalf of the Iranian government. “Academic institutions are prime targets for foreign cybercriminals. Universities can thrive as marketplaces of ideas and engines of research and development only if their work is protected from theft,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said. Read the full story here.

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Protecting Controlled Unclassified Data in Higher Education