Financial Industries

The world of finance has attracted many top performers who are looking to make a great living. Unfortunately, it’s also attracted the leading cyber hackers who are looking to scam their way into a fortune. As the only cybersecurity firm in North America directly partnered with a large financial organization, Sera-Brynn is uniquely positioned to counteract these threats and prevent hackers from compromising the financial services industry. As we seek to provide support for both large multi-billion dollar international banks and small community credit unions; these are important elements to consider as the cybersecurity landscape shifts:

The Evolution of Cyber Security

Just like the technology sector as a whole, the sub-sector of cybersecurity is rapidly changing. As cloud storage becomes a standard practice, security measures must be able to keep pace and protect this data, even when it is stored on the web. Through solutions like authentication and real time monitoring, cloud computing is becoming safer every day. However, information is only as safe as the precautions that are taken to protect it. As new technologies are introduced and adopted, cyber security must not only keep pace in the financial industry, it must get out ahead of the threat.

Proactivity is no longer optional

As cyber threats become increasingly complex, the idea of a “fix all” solution is a myth. Financial institutions need to proactively stay ahead of cyber security trends to reduce the risk of a data compromise. With the hacking of several high-profile companies such as Target, Sony, and J.P. Morgan Chase; it is clear that even the largest companies are not immune to compromise. In fact, because financial institutions have much more to lose, the threat is exacerbated even further. Lagging behind the cyber security trend is no longer an option. Today’s financial institutions they must stay ahead of cyber criminals.

The importance of regulatory compliance

Due to the extreme importance of financial sectors for both the global economy and the individual, law makers have begun to enforce cybersecurity standards for financial institutions in many regions. In both New York and Colorado, recent legislation has been passed requiring banks to comply with detailed protection programs, policies, and procedures to protect their information systems from cybersecurity threats.

The significance of cybersecurity has never been clearer than today. As financial institutions remain the foundation of our economy, cybersecurity is the first line of defense for this essential sector of society. With such great significance weighing on the protection of the banking industry, Sera-Brynn is a proud to be a leading global cybersecurity audit and advisory firm. Founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community, Sera-Brynn is ranked #10 worldwide on the Cybersecurity 500 list and supports clients within the financial services industry throughout North America. If you are seeking a committed partner to combat and prevent cyber-attacks, hacking, fraud and more, contact Sera-Brynn today!