In An Online Minute 1,250 Websites Are Hacked

One minute.

When thinking about what we can get accomplished in one minute in our lives, it might not equate to much.

But online, things move in nanoseconds. The amount of data exchanged simultaneously online each day adds up to millions and millions of exchanges and transactions.

But what about each minute?

Take a look at these statistics to see what happens in an online minute:

  • Google: 2 million searches conducted
  • Spotify: 14 new songs added
  • Domains: 70 new domains registered
  • iTunes: 15,000 tracks downloaded
  • Word Press: 346 new blog posts
  • Websites: 571 new websites created
  • Walmart: 17,000 transactions
  • Tumblr: 20,000 new photos uploaded
  • Emails: 204 million emails sent
  • You Tube: 72 hours of video uploaded
  • Instagram: 216,000 photos uploaded
  • Pinterest: 11,000 new active users
  • LinkedIn: 11,000 professional searches
  • Amazon: $83,000 in sales
  • Snapchat: 104,000 photos shared
  • Twitter: 278,000 tweets
  • Flickr: 20 million photo views
  • Skype: 1.4 million minutes connecting with each other
  • Facebook: 2,460,000 new posts

Taken all by themselves, the stats are interesting, not scary. But think about this. While all of these exchanges are happening, cyber thieves are lurking and waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerabilities. Every photo shared, every post created, presents an opportunity to be hacked.

In an online minute, 1,250 websites are hacked. This equates to a staggering 30,000 per day.

Whether it is sending you malware, or a bogus friend request on Facebook, or a fake invitation to connect via LinkedIn, opportunities for attacks are there…every minute.

No one is invincible online. Every business online, as well as every person, is susceptible to an attack. Cyber thieves attack through personal blogs, websites or even email. No one is immune and everyone using the Internet is susceptible to an attack.

We often tell our clients that it’s not “if” but “when” an attack will occur. Having a proactive approach to cybersecurity is your best protection. Picking up the phone to call, or taking the time to train your team, only takes a few of those minutes.

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