Inside Business Features Sera-Brynn and Cybersecurity Tips

For businesses big and small, old and new, assets are the foundation of the company, and frankly, what makes it valuable.

So, what would you do without them?

In a recent article in Inside Business, “Each business must brace for a data breach,” Sera-Brynn executives were consulted and quoted, weighing in on the significance of and how to prepare any business for the inevitability of a data breach.

The piece stressed the importance of cybersecurity and measures that should be taken to guard businesses as closely as possible, especially where sensitive data is involved.

“When handled poorly, a data breach can ruin a firm’s reputation, leaving the firm with no clients, and perhaps sunk by ensuing legal battles over what few assets remain,” John Kipp, Chief Operations Officer for Sera-Brynn, told Inside Business.

But the first thing a firm’s leadership must do, Kipp said, is determine what data or systems must be protected.

Rob Hegedus, Chief Executive Officer for Sera-Brynn, echoed, “everybody is going to get breached, so it’s a matter of how do you respond.”

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