Make Employees Assets Against Cyber Attacks

Implementing security awareness training a necessity in today’s business world

A company’s best assets — its employees — can be its weakest links when it comes to cybersecurity.

Having employees trained in and understanding cybersecurity goes way beyond having strong passwords that are changed periodically. It’s a mindset that starts with having cybersecurity being paramount in employees’ understandings of what’s essential to the company not only being protected from external threats, but thriving.

Every business should be concerned about cybersecurity, and it’s not limited to companies that are e-commerce types of organizations. Any business that conducts business today needs to be thinking about cybersecurity.

One of the best ways for a company to bolster its cybersecurity is employee training, which is often overlooked. For employees, cyber security training is much more than holding a training session once a year and then forgetting about it. It’s ongoing and needs to be a requirement.

Unsuspecting Victims

The majority of data breaches that occur at companies are typically the result of employee error. These happen via spam, a phishing inquiry or even through social media such as clicking on a redirect on Facebook.

In some cases, an employee can look at an email and it appears legitimate. An employee may be afraid of getting reprimanded or fired for not doing their job and click on a link in the email, only for it to be malware or another form of cyber attack.

For those employees who aren’t grasping the methods of employee cybersecurity, basic training is in order to help them understand. After all, organizations need to consider the consequences of employees failing to understand that data breaches can and will happen to everyone.

Making Cyber Threats Relatable

If you’re an owner or manager of a company, understand that threats to your company can often come from unintentional sources: your own employees. The best way to combat this is to make employees aware of the threats and help them understand how prevalent cyber threats are in the business and corporate world.

They likely already know the impact on a personal scale. Target and Anthem data breaches likely touched them or someone they know. They’ve likely been victims themselves of data breaches or had to replace credit cards that have been compromised.

Leading By Example

Cybersecurity starts from the top echelon of the organization’s leadership sending the message that cybersecurity is to be taken seriously. Lead by example and it will become habitual.

It’s often little things that can help employees in recognizing and responding to irregularities.

If your company takes credit cards, for example, all Visa cards start with a 4, American Express cards start with the numbers 34 or 37 and MasterCard numbers start with 51 through 55.

For healthcare companies, employees need training on what customer or client information is protected and why.

Other companies that work with customers’ financial data need to understand what information is protected and why.

In today’s global business world, it may be hard to view a company’s biggest threat as one coming from the inside — it’s own employees. Even when they don’t do it on purpose, that’s the cold reality of cyber crime. But it doesn’t mean your company has to be a victim.

Being proactive and getting employees the necessary training can go a long way to protecting your organization from the threat of cyber attack.

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