The manufacturing sector has become increasingly high-tech and more connected. That means manufacturers are carrying a greater risk today than ever before.  Damage from a cyber breach is quantifiable in terms of lost wages for workers, lost production time, lost business, and damage to reputation.

Protecting intellectual property, business process information, sensitive corporate information, and customer data is critical.

Sera-Brynn provides comprehensive cybersecurity services to the manufacturing industry.  Some of our clients manufacture components and subcomponents for critical space, aerospace, and defense applications and have stringent regulatory requirements.  Others follow “best practices”, ISO, or NIST-based standards to enhance security for competitive and good-business reasons.

Our clients manufacture components for

  • telecommunications
  • defense applications
  • missile technology
  • space and aerospace
  • microwave applications
  • electro-optical devices
  • electronics
  • sensor systems
  • medical devices
  • oil and gas
  • transportation
  • infrastructure
  • food and beverage
  • chemical
  • power generation
  • and more

Sera-Brynn offers scalable assessment services that align with both company objectives and regulatory mandates. We specialize in cyber risk management in the supply chain.