Media Invite: Virginia’s Top Cybersecurity Firm To Kick Off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

In a world that is ever more connected, with the Internet touching virtually every aspect of daily life, cyber threats are lurking in unanticipated places. In recognition of the importance and relevance of cybersecurity to all Americans, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month as designated by Pres. Barack Obama.

To aid members of the media in understanding cybersecurity, the issues, the threats and the solutions, Sera-Brynn is opening its office on Oct. 1 as a kickoff to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Join Sera-Brynn executives from 10 a.m. to noon in Suffolk at the company’s headquarters for a candid, on the record conversation with the founders and leaders of Virginia’s top-ranked — and 16th in the world — cybersecurity firm.

The awareness month is part of President Obama’s effort to engage and educate the public on cybersecurity issues and increase the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident.

Today’s connected cyber world covers all aspects of life, from shopping, to credit and debit card use, to emails and social media, to healthcare and insurance, to kids who are away at college and even appliances that could be hacked.

Sera-Brynn leadership will be speaking on all aspects of cybersecurity, particularly weekly topics suggested by the Department of Homeland Security as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

These include:

—General Cybersecurity Awareness: 5 Years of Stop.Think.Connect.™ This campaign focuses on cybersecurity as a shared responsibility and provides simple online tips to empower all Americans to be safer online;
—Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work. This topic underscores the common threats businesses and employees are exposed to and provides resources for business and employees to stay safer online and enhance their existing security plans;
—Connected Communities: Staying Protected While Always Connected. This topic emphasizes the importance of protecting ourselves when connecting to the Internet while on the go. It includes best practices for using mobile devices and social media and encourages everyone to become better digital citizens in our communities;
—Your Evolving Digital Life. This topic highlights the “smart world” we live in and the importance of educating all citizens on cybersecurity as more and more of the devices we use – from phones and tablets to homes and medical devices – become connected to the Internet. Expect a current snapshot of technology and where we envision technology taking us in the future;
—Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals. Look to the future of the cybersecurity workforce, focusing on cybersecurity education and awareness in schools at all levels, and emphasizing the need for properly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Sera-Brynn headquarters are located at 1435 Crossways Blvd, Suite 100, Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA.

About Sera-Brynn: Sera-Brynn is a global Cyber Risk Management firm dedicated to helping clients secure their computing environments and meet applicable mandatory industry and government compliance requirements. Technology can no longer guarantee safety from data breaches, which is why Sera-Brynn focuses on strategies all organizations and businesses must employ to protect themselves and their reputations after the inevitable data breach. Specifically, compliance, insurance and response.

Ranked number 16 in the Cybersecurity 500 hottest companies in the world, Sera-Brynn is the only PCI QSA in North America directly partnered with a $6 billion financial institution, and the firm works closely with the insurance industry, legal offices nationwide, crisis management firms, financial institutions and law enforcement at all levels to provide the best possible protection. Sera-Brynn is the only cybersecurity firm able to offer and manage full cyber risk management services under one roof.

Sera-Brynn applies its holistic and all-inclusive approach to compliance, insurance and response with Fortune 1000 companies, hospital networks, retail establishments, government agencies, financial institutions, higher education, national non-profits, and international joint ventures.
Learn more about Sera-Brynn at, or connect @SeraBrynn.