Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Why Get A Penetration Test?

How do you know if the defensive security measures you've taken are accomplishing what you need them to? Are there gaps and vulnerabilities that an attacker can take advantage of? If an attacker was able to access sensitive data on your network - what would the impact be? Lawsuits? Loss of intellectual capital? The best way to answer questions like these is a comprehensive penetration test.

Our Process

Knowledge Is Key

Knowledge and understanding of the risks and threats your business faces is critical

Understand what your network or web applications look like to a hacker

Determine what attack vectors your business might be susceptible to

Find vulnerabilities that automated tools can't

Identify the potential financial impacts to the business if it is successfully attacked

Validate whether network defense measures are effective

Compliance requirements such as PCI require annual penetration tests

After a data breach, a penetration test will aid in recreating the circumstances under which the event occurred and verify that vulnerability remediations are effective

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Sera-Brynn provided prompt turnaround, expeditious response, thorough communication, and exquisite service all around. Is able to easily transliterate technical threats into real-world business risk, digging deep when necessary to weed out potential unknown-unknowns and persistent threats. Would highly recommend their services to other financial institutions or anyone else serious about the security of their information assets.

Tony Scarola, Information Security Officer & SVP, TowneBank

Sera-Brynn did a fantastic job - very fast response time and able to bring in specialists and technologies I had never even heard of. Thanks to them I was able to recover quickly and avoid significant loss of clientele.

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