Penetration Testing

Sera-Brynn’s Penetration Testing services go beyond typical vulnerability scanning and automated testing by tailoring each engagement to our client’s individual needs.

Our team uses a combination of proprietary software, hardware and scripts as well as commercially available tools, but we pride ourselves on our manual penetration testing capabilities and find the greatest satisfaction in compromises resulting from custom exploits.

Whether for regulatory compliance, in preparation to launch a new product, or just to test the effectiveness of your security program or individual components, Sera-Brynn offers the services and expertise necessary to deliver results you can be confident in.

Penetration Testing concept. Pen tester using Keyboard. There is Coffee Cups and Computer Monitors with Various Information.

Sera-Brynn understands that cybersecurity is more than just hardware, software and configuration; people and processes play a vital role in your Security Program. So, in addition to Social Engineering and our more technical services, we also provide assessment and consulting services for policies, processes, procedures, and training for any aspect of your Security Program.

Our primary goal is to build long term relationships to drive continued maturity and growth in your Security Program.