Critical Infrastructure

Worldwide, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure is a pressing concern.  Sera-Brynn is committed to help improve cybersecurity within all critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Public Utilities

Sera-Brynn can assist with cybersecurity issues unique to public utilities such as:

  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Telephone
  • Transportation

Cybersecurity and the Grid 

Cybersecurity is key to the reliability of the bulk power system, which is part of our critical infrastructure. Commonly referred to as the bulk electric system or the power grid, the bulk power system is a known target of cyber adversaries.

Sera-Brynn’s services can be tailored to address needs specific to the power grid such as:

  • Incident or data breaches
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cyber security reliability standards
  • Table top exercises of incident response plans
  • Technical implementation of challenging security controls
  • Cybersecurity policy development
  • Advisory services regarding cybersecurity and smart grid guidelines and standards.