Sera-Brynn CIO Darek Dabbs to discuss how to protect networks from ransomware threats at Infotec Knowledge Summit

Suffolk, Va., May 27, 2016 — Sera-Brynn Chief Information Officer Darek Dabbs will be offering insights into protecting networks from ransomware at the Infotec Knowledge Summit on June 3 in Virginia Beach.

Ransomware has become the most problematic cyber threat to businesses and organizations, providing easy, lucrative paydays for bad actors and hackers in the cyber theft realm. To read more about the ransomware threat, go here:

Dabbs has more than 15 years of experience supporting multi-tiered and highly-classified information security efforts in both the federal and private sector. He oversees all information security engagements for Sera-Brynn’s Fortune 500, large healthcare and enterprise-level clients. As Sera-Brynn’s lead PCI Qualified Security Assessor, Dabbs further manages the company’s PCI and HIPAA assessment efforts.

The presentation by Dabbs is titled “Ransomware Risk Management: How Do I Protect the Network.” Dabbs will provide IT professionals and technology managers an opportunity to better protect networks by understanding exactly how compromise vectors are achieved and how malicious payloads are delivered and executed.

The session will also cover a brief overview of Bitcoins, the de facto digital currency for ransom payments. Dabbs will present attendees with network defense strategies along with an interactive forum to speak with industry experts.

“It’s vital to understand the threat ransomware poses to companies and organizations and the steps that are critical to protection before cyber thieves have a chance to compromise it,” Dabbs said. “My presentation will be relevant to not only IT specialists and executives, but anyone working on a network.”

Infotec, based in Virginia Beach, is a nationally recognized leader empowering customers with world-class information technology training and certification. Infotec provides IT training classes and creates solutions for clients, helping them instill efficiency while meeting certification requirements.

Infotec’s second annual Infotec Knowledge Summit offers insights into keeping up with new technology tailored to organizations’ specific needs. The free summit offers a number of simultaneous breakout sessions. The summit is held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

About Sera-Brynn: Headquartered in Suffolk, Va., Sera-Brynn is a global Cyber Risk Management firm with an international client base. The company is dedicated to helping clients secure their computing environments, pre- and post-breach, and meet applicable mandatory industry and government compliance requirements. Sera-Brynn is the only Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor in North America directly partnered with a multi-billion dollar financial institution, and the firm works closely with the insurance industry, legal offices nationwide, crisis management firms, financial institutions and law enforcement at all levels to provide the most comprehensive protection to its clients.

Sera-Brynn’s clients include Fortune 1000 companies, healthcare, financial institutions, insurance carriers and re-insurers, higher education, municipalities and state governments, manufacturers, law offices, large retail establishments, technology enterprises, accounting firms, national non-profits, and international joint ventures.

About Infotec: Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, Infotec specializes in IT and Leadership training nationwide. Infotec is dedicated to assisting clients develop a customized training plan to empower organizations adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements. Offering top instructional talent, Infotec provides client’s their choice of private programs, public training, virtual training, e-learning or a combination of formats to best support their unique requirements. Thousands of offerings are available ranging from cybersecurity, vmware, CISCO, Microsoft, cloud computing, as, well as, leadership development programs.