Sera-Brynn EVP Heather Engel lauds ‘forward leaning’ approach at Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Cyber Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Suffolk, Va. — Sera-Brynn Executive Vice President Heather Engel had a seat at Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “Cyber Entrepreneurship Roundtable,” sharing her insights at the collaboration of industry, government and academia.

Sera-Brynn was the only Hampton Roads cybersecurity company represented at the Cyber Entrepreneurship Roundtable, held July 21 in Richmond.

Cybersecurity is one of McAuliffe’s top priorities and a key component of the “new Virginia economy.” Virginia leaders in the technology sector envision being trendsetters in the cybersecurity sector and developing a sustainable talent pipeline capable of providing skilled workers who are able to meet the increasing demand.

“Virginia is taking a forward leaning approach led by Gov. McAuliffe,” Engel said.

She added that as the chair of the National Governor’s Association, he has launched an initiative called “Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge.”

“Virginia’s proactive approach to combating cyber threats is encouraging and Sera-Brynn is excited to be a part of Virginia’s Innovation Week,” Engel said. “It shows the commitment from all sectors to meet the demands of the industry.”

Also at the roundtable was Virginia Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson. Central to the McAuliffe-led efforts in cybersecurity is the Virginia Cyber Commission, which is taking a holistic, education-centric approach to advancing cyber in the Commonwealth.

Virginia has the second-highest concentration of cyber job postings behind California, with 17,000. Add in the Washington D.C. and Maryland region and there’s 33,000 cyber job openings.

In order to meet the job demands, McAuliffe is pledging to develop a sustainable talent pipeline capable of providing skilled industry-ready workers.

Sera-Brynn is committed to expanding student knowledge of cybersecurity and related issues, including designing a recent “Hackathon” for middle school students at the Virginia STEAM Academy.

About Sera-Brynn: Headquartered in Suffolk, Va., Sera-Brynn is global Cyber Risk Management firm with an international client base. The company is dedicated to helping clients secure their computing environments, pre- and post-breach, and meet applicable mandatory industry and government compliance requirements. Sera-Brynn is ranked no. 1 in Virginia, no. 10 in the U.S. and no. 16 in the world, according to the Cybersecurity Ventures “Cybersecurity 500” list that measures the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity firms. Sera-Brynn’s clients include Fortune 1000 companies, healthcare, financial institutions, insurance carriers and re-insurers, higher education, municipalities and state governments, manufacturers, law offices, large retail establishments, technology enterprises, accounting firms, national non-profits and international joint ventures.