Sera-Brynn Executive To Compare Hacking to Organized Crime at National Conference

Heather Engel named a featured speaker at USA Risk Group conference in May.

Sera-Brynn Executive Vice-President Heather Engel will carry the message that cyber hackers are the modern-day organized crime next month during her presentation as a featured speaker at a national risk management conference.

Engel will be speaking at the USA Risk Group’s 10th Annual Executive Educational Conference held May 19-21 in Charlotte, N.C.

The conference is USA Risk Group’s signature annual event, bringing together company owners, executives, risk managers, agents, brokers and others from the corporate risk management arena to hear and develop solutions to difficulties faced in today’s risk management environment.

Engel’s presentation will cover “10 Cybersecurity Concerns and Practical Solutions” in an hour-long talk.

Sera-Brynn is a leading cyber risk management firm and Engel is uniquely qualified to offer insight and solutions to the ongoing threats cyber attacks pose to businesses and organizations.

In discussing today’s cyber criminals, Engel will cite an estimated $445 billion worldwide financial loss in the global economy from cyber crime costing an estimated 350,000 jobs in the U.S. and Europe. Whether it’s stealing credit card data, medical records, bank account information or developing malware, today’s cyber Mafia are operating in large, organized syndicates around the world.

Throughout Engel’s career in federal, Department of Defense and commercial arenas, she’s become known for offering practical solutions and a sensible approach to managing cyber risk.

She has a unique ability to cut through the noise surrounding products and processes and implement solutions that work for her clients.

“For years businesses have tried to manage IT security separately from the organization’s overall risk,” Engel said. “It’s become increasingly clear that cybersecurity must be considered as part of an overall risk management strategy. As a leading provider of alternative risk management, USA Risk Group recognizes the importance of cyber in bringing risk to an acceptable level.”

At the conference, Engel will discuss the current technology environment, recent breaches and attacks in the news, how businesses can protect themselves and the role cyber insurance plays in concert with a preventative strategy.

Although rapid advances in technology have led to more efficient business practices, cyber attacks have become more pervasive. While insurance can help remediate a breach, how to prevent cyber attacks is of paramount concern to organization owners, managers and executives.

Engel’s presentation aims to help business leaders understand the threats from cyber thieves and how they can protect their companies and organizations, as well as the role insurance plays in a cybersecurity program.

About Heather Engel:

As Executive Vice-President at Sera-Brynn, Engel oversees Sera-Brynn’s risk management and auditing services, providing support to organizations, implementing and validating Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, FISA, NIST, GLBA and many others.

Engel has more than 15 years of experience in system integration, incident response, disaster recovery, security policy, business continuity planning, crisis communications and security testing and evaluation for clients across a wide variety of industries including healthcare, government, retail and financial.

Prior to Sera-Brynn, Engel assisted government agencies and the Department of Defense in evaluating and securing advanced information systems and networks, testing new products, and coordinating cyber warfare exercises. She is a Qualified Security Assessor certified by the PCI Security Standards Council, and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology and numerous industry certifications including CISSP and PCI-QSA.

About USA Risk:

USA Risk, based in Barrie, Vt., was founded in 1981 and is considered the nation’s leading independent provider of risk management. The firm develops innovative alternative risk solutions enabling clients to maintain affordable and flexible insurance coverage, improve cash flow and control expenses.

About Sera-Brynn:

Sera-Brynn is the only Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor certified cyber security firm headquartered in Southeastern Virginia, and one of only 140 in the country. Staffed by former national intelligence and military information security professionals, the Sera-Brynn team has been developing, managing and protecting complex and critical computer and network infrastructures since the 1990’s.

Sera-Brynn’s clients include Fortune 1000, large healthcare, retail, financial services, government, transportation and non-profit organizations nationwide.

Sera-Brynn offers compliance and audit services for PCI, DFARS, FISMA GLBA, SOX, and other standards. Working with local and federal law enforcement, insurance companies, and legal offices throughout the country, they also offer comprehensive coverage and rapid incident response services.