Sera-Brynn Maintains Rank Among Top Global Cybersecurity Firms in the World

Sera-Brynn holds their ranking as 16th of the top “500 Hot Cybersecurity Firms to Watch” for the second quarter of 2015, Cybersecurity Ventures announced this week.

Sera-Brynn is hot.

The Suffolk, Va.-based cybersecurity firm secured its spot for the second consecutive time on Cybersecurity Ventures’ global list of the top “500 Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2015.”

Sera-Brynn is the only company from the Commonwealth to break the top 60, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, the Menlo Park, Ca.-based research and market intelligence firm focused on innovative and emerging companies in the cybersecurity industry. Cybersecurity Ventures updates the list each quarter.

The companies on the hot list, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, prove that they provide solutions that protect large enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses and consumers.

Sera-Brynn’s client list includes Fortune 500 firms, large municipalities, healthcare organizations, financial institutions and nationally recognized non-profits.

“Every organization, in every industry, at every size, is vulnerable to a data breach,” said Sera-Brynn CEO Rob Hegedus.
”Sera-Brynn focuses on helping clients mitigate cyber risk by identifying vulnerabilities, testing them against a wide array of threats, and assessing compliance against current suggested and mandatory compliance standards.
Sera-Brynn’s industry-leading loss prevention services help organizations identify their vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation actions, test defenses against known and unknown cyber threats, and ensure they meet all applicable industry and government compliance requirements. The result: hardened security and the strongest firewall again litigation, fines, penalties and costly incident response expenses.