PRESS RELEASE: Sera-Brynn Vaults Into Top 5 of Globally Ranked Cybersecurity Compliance Firms

Independent Industry Poll Shows Virginia-Based Cybersecurity Compliance Firm One of World’s Cyber Leaders

Suffolk, VA – Black Book Research, LLC recently released its independent research rankings of leading cyber compliance and risk management firms and named Sera-Brynn fourth on their global list.

“This ranking is indicative of our company’s discipline in helping global brands interpret and meet their cybersecurity requirements. It also reflects our consistent triple-digit annual growth and, more importantly, our exemplary customer service reviews from our clients. It’s a tremendous honor to have this recognition from an independent international market research firm,” said Sera-Brynn Chief Executive Officer Rob Hegedus.

The top five ranked firms on Black Book’s list include: 1) Clearwater Compliance, 2) EY, 3) Deloitte, 4) Sera-Brynn and 5) KPMG.

Black Book’s rankings are based on industry polls of products, services and consultants that span 17 functional areas of cybersecurity including: Authorization and Authentication Solutions; Blockchain Solutions; Compliance and Risk Management Solutions; Cybersecurity Advisors and Consultants; Cybersecurity Training and Education; DDoS Attack Prevention; End Point Security Solutions; Access Management; Firewall Networks; Data Encryption; Intrusion Protection Solutions; Threat Detection and Prevention; Network Security; Email Protection; and Cybersecurity Data Analytics.

One of Sera-Brynn’s primary focus areas is helping government contractors interpret cybersecurity regulations and identify solutions. Their client base is made up of some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the defense industrial base and the financial services industry. They also counsel government agencies, manufacturers along the supply chain, health care and life sciences companies; cloud service providers, and colleges and universities.
“Whether we want to admit it or not, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are now an existential threat to both our national and economic security,” continued Hegedus. “Governments and large institutional organizations are addressing this threat with stricter and more detailed regulatory requirements. We saw this coming six years ago and positioned ourselves accordingly.”

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About Sera-Brynn:

Sera-Brynn is a global leader in providing cybersecurity compliance audit and advisory services. Founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community, Sera-Brynn partners with some of the worlds most respected and recognized brands to help them interpret and meet cybersecurity regulatory requirements. In 2018, Sera-Brynn was ranked #4 on the Black Book Research list of global cybersecurity compliance firms.