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Really…what is CHECKLIGHT™?

  Sera-Brynn CEO and Towne Insurance EVP explain the concept behind the insurance industry technology product. We get asked this question all the time and thought addressing those inquiries via a “quick read” blogpost would be helpful. (Emphasis on “quick” … so it should only take three minutes or so to read.) Sera-Brynn is a… Read more »

The Challenges to Effective Cyber Risk Transfer: Guest blog from Towne Insurance

Post # 3 Denial Guest blog by Danny Plante, EVP, Towne Insurance …and then there is denial. Given the fact that the insurance brokerage community (in many cases) is intimidated by, and in some cases ambivalent about, cyber risk…and the buying public (in many cases) has reservations about both their susceptibility to the exposure and… Read more »

The Challenges to Effective Cyber Risk Transfer: Guest Blog from Towne Insurance

Post # 1 C-Suite Engagement Guest blog by Danny Plante, EVP, Towne Insurance Hedging cyber risks within the government and commercial sectors has matured significantly in terms of framing how and where they are manifest, what constitutes ordinary diligence for their mitigation, and the options available for financing or transferring them. What at one time… Read more »

We applaud the G-7 `fundamental elements’ that highlight an international commitment to fighting cyber bad actors

The Group of 7 (G-7) has published the “fundamental elements” of best practices in cybersecurity for public and private entities in the financial sector that highlights the international effort to protect global finance in the wake of a series of cyber bank heists and finance sector attacks. The G-7 is comprised of the U.S., Great… Read more »

Sera-Brynn CEO Rob Hegedus featured cybersecurity speaker at the National Risk Retention Association Conference

Sera-Brynn Chief Executive Officer Rob Hegedus will be a featured speaker on cybersecurity at the National Risk Retention Association 2016 National Conference in Chicago Sept. 28. The three-day conference from Sept. 27-29 will focus on the future of the insurance industry and self-insurance in particular as it adapts to the ever-changing technological challenges facing specific… Read more »

Sera-Brynn awarded exclusive Cybersecurity Agreement with The National Catholic Risk Retention Group

Suffolk, Va., May 3, 2016 — Sera-Brynn has been awarded a contract by The National Catholic Risk Retention Group to provide specialized Risk Control cybersecurity products and services to its members, clients, affiliates and shareholders. Sera-Brynn is a global cybersecurity firm headquartered in Virginia and No. 16 in the world as ranked in the Cybersecurity… Read more »

Protecting your business from cyber threats

Gloucester Court House, Va. — Small business owners can take a number of practical steps to protect themselves and their business, including customers, employees, finances and even their firm’s “secret sauce,” against the rising threat of cyber thieves. That was the message Sera-Brynn Executive Vice President Heather Engel carried to small business owners recently at… Read more »

California Cyber Insurance Case Could Be Alarming For Businesses

Cyber security stakes are high. A recent court case in California, in which a healthcare provider had a data breach and filed a claim with its insurance company only to have the claim denied, is underscoring the critical need for businesses to invest in cybersecurity. In an article in “The Security Ledger,” a cybersecurity news… Read more »

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses – Part 3 of 3

Have a small business? Working on Main Street, USA? Yes…you, too, should take steps to remain cyber secure to protect your business. This is as vital as locking your doors at night to make sure no one walks in and steals your inventory. Heather Engel, EVP of Sera-Brynn, recently hosted a roundtable discussion with local… Read more »

Sera-Brynn Executive To Compare Hacking to Organized Crime at National Conference

Heather Engel named a featured speaker at USA Risk Group conference in May. Sera-Brynn Executive Vice-President Heather Engel will carry the message that cyber hackers are the modern-day organized crime next month during her presentation as a featured speaker at a national risk management conference. Engel will be speaking at the USA Risk Group’s 10th… Read more »