Privacy Framework: NIST is in the House.

This month, NIST kicked off a series of public meetings to highlight its efforts to create a voluntary Privacy Framework. Much in the same way it developed the Cybersecurity Framework, NIST is trying to achieve a technology-privacy balance within the guidance by crowdsourcing its way there.  By bringing in views from federal agencies, small businesses,… Read more »

FedRAMP: A Heavyweight Security Framework for Cloud Service Providers

You need FedRAMP if you want to prove your cloud services is secure enough for U.S. government data. Read the full September 6, 2018 article published on here. In its latest Compliance Report for Cybersecurity Ventures, Sera-Brynn shared how FedRAMP came into being, who should care, and why being FedRAMP-authorized is important for companies. “The… Read more »

A Cybersecurity Checklist for GDPR

Where Does Cybersecurity Fit into GDPR? By Heather Engel, Sera-Brynn Chief Strategy Officer By now most everyone has heard of GDPR, or at the very least been bombarded by pop-up messages asking you to accept cookies and confirm access to your data as you surf the web. But if you are responsible for the security… Read more »

Cybersecurity Risk to High-Net-Worth Families a Featured Topic at Virginia Beach Event

SUFFOLK, VA – On May 24, 2017, Sera-Brynn, LLC, a leading cybersecurity audit and advisory firm, will present at an event hosted by Signature Family Wealth Advisors, a Virginia-based family wealth advisory firm, to discuss the unique cybersecurity needs of high-net-worth families. “The focus on cybersecurity by wealth management firms is on the rise,” reports… Read more »

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity

By John Kipp, Sera-Brynn COO As advancements in Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence are always popular media topics, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at how the two are converging and what such a convergence might mean for cybersecurity. First things first though. Below is a quick and very basic primer on… Read more »

IT Support Companies Are Not Cybersecurity Companies

Use the right tool for the job. Remember that old saying? Whether you’re talking about fixing a sink or dealing with a data breach, the saying holds true and here’s why. Several months ago a large business realized it had been hacked. They recently contacted Sera-Brynn, but only after it called upon its third-party IT… Read more »

Cyber Risk Management for Small Businesses

Carrying the message of cyber risk management for small businesses at the National Governors Association cybersecurity roundtable Our CEO, Rob Hegedus, and EVP, Heather Engel, were recently invited to Washington D.C. for a cybersecurity National Governors Association roundtable discussion with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, where we made the case for cyber risk management for small… Read more »

DFARS Regulations: Updates all DoD Contractors and Subs Should Know About

By Colleen Johnson | Sera-Brynn Business Development – Regulatory Specialist Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement: DFARS 252.204-7012, as revised on Dec. 30, 2015, is the cybersecurity rule issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) titled, “Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting.” The DFARS clause requires all DoD contractors and subcontractors, regardless of size, to… Read more »

Any firm can assess your gaps, only Sera-Brynn delivers solutions

When the Pentagon decided it needed to find vulnerabilities in its cybersecurity system, they turned to the experts on exploiting cybersecurity vulnerabilities: Hackers. The Pentagon’s “Hack the Pentagon” program was launched earlier this year and is already in its second iteration. The Pentagon’s cybersecurity initiative, also known as the “Bug Bounty” program, invited hackers to… Read more »