data breach

Guarding against social engineering

Social engineering is a trendy phrase in the world of cybersecurity. But social engineering is nothing new. From famous social engineers like Ulysses and his Trojan Horse to encyclopedia salesmen pounding the pavement forty years ago, convincing people to do something that may not be in their best interest is a timeless profession. Research in… Read more »

The steps of a cyber criminal

Some cyber crime requires criminals to have high-level information security and technology skills to achieve the goal of a full data breach. In a world of virtual reality where it seems the sky’s the limit, it would stand to reason that bad actors would target businesses with the most valuable data. But cyber criminals, much… Read more »

You’ve Been Breached. Now What? Use This Checklist To Start.

You’ve just realized that a cyber hacker has gotten inside your systems, your network. Scared? We understand. Now what? Use this checklist to get started. Once you’ve confirmed a data breach has resulted in a loss of data, it’s time to determine how to notify your customers, employees, and business partners. Ensuring that consumer letters… Read more »

Understanding Cyber Incidents And How To Respond

The scariest thing about a cyber attack on a business is that often employees and owners have no idea they’ve been breached until an outside party (a credit card brand, Federal investigators, or even consumers) brings it to their attention. There are two types of incidents – suspected and confirmed. A suspected incident is known… Read more »

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cyber Security: Sera-Brynn CEO Perspective

By Rob S. Hegedus CEO, Sera-Brynn In a market economy, supply follows demand, and the demand for cyber security will reach over $170B in the next five years. Not surprisingly, it seems a lot of companies are jumping into the market. “Cybersecurity” is now the “service du jour.” Traditional information technology firms, government contractors, and… Read more »

Why Rewards Programs Aren’t Worth The Risk

The temptation is often too easy to pass up: join a company’s rewards program to get great discounts, miles, points, coupons, notifications of deals, or other benefits. Rewards programs are ubiquitous. A 2015 Colloquy census reported earlier this year that consumers in the U.S. have 3.3 billion memberships to customer loyalty or rewards programs. That’s… Read more »

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses – Part 1 of 3

Large businesses. Medium businesses. Small businesses. Business is business. Every company, large or small needs to be aware of the threat of cyber attacks and the steps to take in the event that it becomes the target of one. Heather Engel, EVP of Sera-Brynn, recently hosted a roundtable discussion with local business professionals at the… Read more »

Healthcare Related Cyber Attacks – What’s Going On?

Over the last few months, there has been a rash of successful healthcare related cyber-attacks in the news. These breaches range from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of compromised records. LifeWise Health Plan. LifeWise is notifying more than 250,000 patients who may have had their personal data compromised by a cyber-attack in late… Read more »