The Top 10 Sera-Brynn Cybersecurity News Stories of 2015

We’re wrapping up another year of record company growth here at Sera-Brynn. You can say 2015 was marked by some great new partnerships we forged and the entry into new markets both here in the U.S. and around the world in the arena of cybersecurity.

One of the highlights at Sera-Brynn is connecting with our audience through our news site, where we regularly publish cybersecurity education for businesses, review trending topics and help put them into perspective for readers and share news of Sera-Brynn making headlines. We view the Sera-Brynn news outlet as a way to educate, inform and enlighten readers about the world of cybersecurity. To cap the year, we’ve complied the list of our most popular stories.

So here you go. The Sera-Brynn top 10 for 2015.

  1. Business Breached? Take These Steps Immediately

—The dark cloud of data breaches continues to hover over 2015 as the same hacker gang that hit Target and Home Depot has hit yet another large business: a parking reservation service. With all this in mind, more and more business leaders are coming to the realization that it’s no longer a matter of if, so much as when, a data breach will happen. In order to help, we’ve prepared a high-level list of steps to take when the inevitable occurs.

  1. Sera-Brynn EVP Heather Engel Discusses Role at Vice President Biden’s Cybersecurity Summit

—Our own Heather Engel was invited to be part of a cyber security panel discussion with Vice President Joe Biden in January at Norfolk State University. Heather then shared more about the discussion, which was closed to the press. She also provided business owners and consumers some great tips for what to do on their own.

  1. What Is The State of Cyber Crime in 2015?

—The 2015 U.S. State of Cybercrime survey has recently been released and we recommend all business owners – and users of the Internet, for that matter – giving it a read. Among the highlights — lowlights? — were that 76 percent of the respondents are more concerned about cyberthreats this year and a record 79 percent of survey respondents said they detected a security incident in the past 12 months.

  1. Sera-Brynn Among Top Global Cybersecurity Firms

—What can we say? We’re No. 1 in Virginia. And we’re on the Cybersecurity Ventures “hot” list. That’s pretty cool.

  1. Sera-Brynn Executive To Compare Hacking To Organized Crime

—In May, our own Heather Engel carried the message that cyber hackers are the equivalent of modern-day organized crime to a presentation to the USA Risk Group’s 10th Annual Executive Educational Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Engel was the featured speaker at the conference and check out her take on cyber hackers and organized crime.

  1. What It’s Worth To A Hacker

—Hackers aren’t trying to get into your networks just to prove they can. It’s their job. It’s how they make a living. And it’s organized crime happening all over the world. The story includes a list of what your personal information goes for on the cyber black market.

  1. How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love Cybersecurity

—Our CEO Rob Hegedus described in this story why meeting current cyber threats doesn’t have to be confusing or expensive. At Sera-Brynn, our team believes the best strategy is not some yet undiscovered tool or process. The best strategy lies in using an already established infrastructure. Rob lists some hints and strategies to limit your cyber vulnerabilities and, more importantly, exposure to financial loss.

  1. Data Breach Response Action Plan: 7 Steps to Effective Response

—In a guest post from attorney Billy Poynter of Kaleo Legal, we outline seven steps to help you prepare for, plan and implement your response in the event of a data security breach. We think you’ll find this information quite valuable.

  1. Future Cybersecurity Army Needs More Than Just Programmers

— Think the future of cyber security relies solely on computer programmers? Wrong. Securing financial information, personal data and proprietary plans along government, corporate and personal networks will require filling the growing demand for skilled cyber security professionals with a diverse pipeline of talent, including consulting, communications and risk management. Cyber security is not just an IT problem, and businesses need talent across the organization with a variety of skills.

  1. Social Media and Cybersecurity: Be Social and Secure

—Needless to say, social media is popular. Especially when you factor in that most Facebook users are also Instagram users. And Twitter. Snapchat. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Google Plus+. The list goes on. But a person’s online activities could inadvertently expose excessive amounts of personal information, like identity, relationships, location and affiliation.