IN THE NEWS: Cybersecurity in the Global Shipping and Logistics Supply Chain

Virginia Business recently published a commentary by Sera-Brynn on cybersecurity in the global shipping and logistics supply chain.

The article covers some historic cyberattacks in the maritime and shipping industry. And some cautionary notes on delivery drones, autonomous warehouse robots, and mass digitization of records in the highly-transactional industries that make up the logistics supply chain.

As industries in the supply chain move towards digitized, and possibly decentralized, records, the need for high-level security protocols increases

– Darek Dabbs, CTO, Sera-Brynn

What parts of the supply chain are we focusing on here?

We wrote on cybersecurity strategy in the logistics and shipping supply chain. For example: container-shipping lines, port and tugboat operations, oil and gas production, drilling services, oil tankers, manufacturers, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators, distribution centers, retailers and customers.

That’s a lot of moving parts.

Read the entire article online here: